POST PRESS RELEASE: Lifting Liberia Through Luxury and Craftsmanship

New York, NY September 10, 2016 — Robin S, Founder of Sareptha Rose premiered and sold her collection at the launch of the Adiree concept store in SOHO, 104 Charlton Street (between Hudson Street and Greenwich Street). The concept store took place during New York Fashion Week on Saturday September 10th, as a part of a New York Fashion Week [Africa] activation called Trunk Collectives (
Trunk Collectives is a platform hosting multicultural and ethical brands to present, sell and build brands capacity. The platform is designed to help expand the popularity of vendors as well as to advocate diversity through a contemporary series of sales events and concept stores.
This year’s platform was sponsored by Aveda and New York Surgical Arts. Featured designers were from shop Adiree and premium vendors such as Sareptha Rose by Robin S, Tegaa, and Shangani Fashions.
Robin S is a strong believer in economic improvement, who through her brand, Sareptha Rose, helps to empower the idea of African crafts, while creating products for clients. With the ambition for increasing trade of traditional crafts, Robin S does so by selling her own handmade products consisting of leather handbags and wallets. Through a vintage style, this brand sets a platform for consumer access in developed markets for African craftsman and women.
Sareptha Rose goes beyond design by setting a platform that presents a movement for progression of African countries. The brand demonstrates that African countries can go beyond raw commodities through methods of trade of finished products. The brand helps to expand the Africa Crafts Industry through sells overseas that take place in the USA. The handcrafted designs are created by self-taught designers who travel throughout Africa for the materials used in their designs. The brand helps to create jobs for a multitude of people who have a talent in craftsmanship.
According to Forbes, one of the ways to improve an economy is through the promotion of economic growth using innovation… Read the full press release of Sareptha Rose at Trunk Collectives.
Sareptha for Trunk Collectives

Korto Momolu | Trail Blazing Review of Liberian Celebrity Designer Korto Momolu



Designer Korto Momolu Brings Her Newest Collection to Africa Fashion Week NY—The Collection Is As Sophisticated As—If Not Better Than, Her Works On The TV Show.

New York, NY-June 2012- Korto Momolu will present her collection at Africa Fashion Week New York, Saturday, July 14th. AFWNY, produced by Adirée, will take place July 12th, 13th, and 14th at the Broad Street Ballroom in New York’s Financial District.

Korto Momolu, the Liberian-born designer came onto the fashion scene as a breakout start of Project Runway’s Season 5 and ever since then, she kept surprising the fashion industry with better works. Now the designer is gearing up to showcase her latest and greatest designs at Africa Fashion Week NY. Drawing from her African roots, Korto infuses tribal details into her classic designs. Inspired by rich fabrics and textures, Momolu’s designs are intended for real, full-figured women.

“You can see her multiple influences at work in her garments. The prints and silhouettes are evocative of West Africa; and there is usually a juxtaposition of some glamorous element, [such as] sequins against a more natural fabric or cut.” –Brew Hammond, author and blogger, said of Momolu’s design approach.

AFWNY includes runway shows hosting 21+ designers from various countries in Africa and those of the African Diaspora, exhibitions, and industry networking events. Opening designers Francis Hendy, Korto Momolu, and designers like Mafi, Attolle Collection, Geraldo Fashions and others will showcase.

About Korto Momolu:
Korto Momolu (Former Project Runway Star, 5th Season) infuses tribal details into her designs, owing to her African roots. Motivated by rich fabrics and textures, her designs are truly ideal for real, full-figured women.

About Adirée:
Adirée, based in NYC, NY, focuses on event production, organization, and consulting for small to medium size clients in the areas of Fashion, Art, and Culture.

For More Information Contact:
Adirée │Public Relations

Africa Fashion Week New York 2011 Designer Video: Suakoko Betty


Adirée launches AFWNY 2011 designer videos in anticipation for AFWNY 2012



What: Africa Fashion Week in New York (AFWNY) 2011 designer video release: Suakoko Betty


Suakoko Betty by designer Charlene Bendu Dunbar was launched in 2007. It transforms authentic West African wax and resist-dye prints into dresses and separates that are flattering and current. Charlene Dunbar, a native of  Monrovia, Liberia came to the States at a young age, so with her designs she draws from both traditional African and American influences.


Who: Adirée, producer of  (AFWNY)  showcases luxury and mass African-owned fashion brands through runway shows, exhibitions- and now videos. AFWNY includes runway shows hosting 21+ designers from various countries in Africa and those of the African Diaspora, exhibitions, and industry networking events. Representing various countries in Africa, many designers from Africa creatively highlight personal culture within their designs-with or without the use of African prints.

Why: In anticipation for AFWNY 2012 (July 12 -18), every month beginning January 2012, Adirée releases individual designer videos from 2011’s showcase of Africa Fashion Week in New York.

When: Designers who will showcase in 2012 will showcase on July 12th, 13th, 14th 2012.

Where: AFWNY 2012 is located in NYC’s financial district at 41 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004.



Designer Fashion Video : Funmilayo Csilla Deri (Nigeria) – Africa Fashion Week New York


In anticipation for AFWNY 2012 (July 12 -18), every month beginning January 2012, Adirée will release individual designer videos from 2011’s showcase of Africa Fashion Week in New York.

Funlayo Deri is a label owned by Creative Director Funmilayo Csilla Deri, a Nigerian born, London/Budapest based fashion designer. Deri showcased her collection called “Labour of Love” on Saturday July 16, 2011.  Her pieces are luxurious and wearable while celebrating the female form and emphasizing curves. Funlayo Deri women are confident and sophisticated― with refined taste.

Deri’s aesthetic is influenced by her cultural experiences and exposure. “I also believe that clothes should be glamorous but not taken excessively serious,” says Deri.

Designer Funmilayo Csilla Deri (Nigeria)


Statement Necklaces that “Speak” Volumes

Season Smith-Wesley started out jewelry making as a hobby, and a stress reliever like many designers who are just starting out do.  She had been making jewelry by hand and giving it as gifts for some time and with the support of her family and friends to start selling it, she looked further into the business venture.  She took a jewelry making class at a local craft store on a whim one day and from that point on has been creating gorgeous beaded necklaces and bracelets that will have people asking where you got that amazing piece from.  She knew that being at her desk job didn’t let her true inner creativity and her interest in fashion shine, so AdAl Jewelry Designs was born.  A lot of colors are used in her designs and draws inspiration from her Liberian heritage.  She was always attracted to traditional African fabrics and textures, and her jewelry is her translation of these styles into wearable art.  Smith-Wesley has stated that she knows her designs aren’t for everyone, she says her best customers are ladies who “don’t like to play it safe,” she says. “They want to make a bold statement.”  Not only does she make beautiful fashion statements, but a portion of her proceeds go to the non-profit charity, Autism Speaks.  After her son was diagnosed with the disease, jewelry making became an outlet for her stress with dealing with the demands of the disorder, so this is her way to give back and help bring awareness to the cause.

Source: Try Handmade